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The STEP 22 Gear Story:

It all began in 2015 with the need for a better jack cover, and has evolved into so much more. STEP 22 Gear now provides a full line of quality American made products, co-branded quality products from around the globe, and a whole host of top-tier products from leading manufacturers, all focused on taking care of the off road and overland communities.

I learned at a young age that if you take care of your equipment, your equipment will take care of you. After struggling to upkeep what was advertised as a UV stable neoprene jack cover on the bumper mounted Hi-Lift jack on my FJ Cruiser, I finally came to the realization that there wasn’t a jack cover on the market that could handle the rigors of long term sun exposure and off road exploration.

I designed and built my own Jack Cover. That original product still looks and functions as good as the day I first installed it on my FJ, even after years of UV abuse from the SoCal sun, salty ocean air, red dirt from Utah’s deserts, mud and snow from the high Sierras and many miles of on and off road travels. I’ve never stopped innovating, and through customer feedback I’ve refined my original design with even higher quality materials, better fitment and more custom options. Our Jack Covers are made in America, fully UV resistant, extremely durable, available in two sizes and offered in a wide range of colors.

I‘m very proud to produce this product in the United States, along with all of our new STEP 22 Gear, and be able to deliver them to you wherever you call home. I believe in supporting American suppliers and manufacturers whenever possible. I believe that products should be made right the first time, every time, "old school" style. Products should not be designed to fail so that people will have to purchase them over and over again; they should be made solid and built to last from day one.

With the success of our Jack Covers, our customers kept requesting other American made quality products that fit their overland and off road lifestyles. After developing a number of new products I quickly realized that we had outgrown our Jackcovers.com name, which lead to the creation of STEP 22 Gear. STEP stands for Storage, Transportation, Exploration and Protection, the pillars of what our products are all about. The number “22” is a special one to me, and has a fun story that I’d love to share with you sometime in person around a campfire.

Besides a full and ever expanding line of American made soft goods, we also strive to offer you other quality products that elevate your off road and overland adventures. We work with companies like Sackwear, Tembo-Tusk, Powertank, Hi-Lift, Prothane, Colby Valve, Squatchboxx and others to bring you the very best products available.

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Adam Wood
Founder, STEP 22 Gear

STEP 22 Gear is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We are passionate about our products and the products we carry, and hope we can share that passion with you when you visit us. Should you find any errors on our website, or should you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to let us know. Don’t forget to follow and tag us on social media! THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST IN STEP 22 GEAR!

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